DIY-Weathered wood picture frames

We bought our new house last year and I envisioned immediately how I wanted every room to look. I knew the house needed some work but I wasn’t prepared for how much. The projects soon became overwhelming and I didn’t know where to start. I wanted to design a dining room built in but we had pipes to fix, a leaky basement, our front door was falling apart, the kitchen circuit breaker would pop if the motor to the fridge turned on when I was making toast. Agh!

My husband couldn’t understand why Continue reading

Pretty. Just Pretty?

Just Pretty?

I was an 11 year old girl, sitting on my bedroom floor, face to face with my reflection on the mirror of my closet door. My sketchbook was balanced on my knee, my charcoal pencil poised to catalogue the features of my face as I attempted my self-portrait.

Who am I? I drew my heart shaped face, the frizzy nest of ebony hair, rounded almond eyes, cupid bow lips, the curve of a cheek, the dusting of freckles….I remember Continue reading