Manifest some “effing” fun

Fun time

I was excitedly telling a friend about my long weekend that I spent writing. I finally finished a post for my blog that I’ve been procrastinating over, thus getting over my writers block and drafting 6 weeks’ worth of material! I heard myself talking as if I were outside my body and I exclaimed in horrified clarity,

“OMG! I TOTALLY sound like a nerd, don’t I?”

Her laughing denial was believable but I wasn’t falling for it. “NOPE! I heard myself! I totally sound lame as hell, right now. I kinda made myself sad there…..I need to get out and have some fun!” I think I whimpered a little….

On the real tho’, I actually do have fun doing all my blogging and artistic projects and I don’t regret a second of it. However, I do need to make time for “real” fun that involves my body not just my head, let down my bloggers bun and shake my hair (and butt) in the sand and surf with some margaritas in hand, surrounded by shirtless men and the scent of coconut oil and rum.

“God, yaaaas! It’s like doctors’ orders from the universe!”

I have learned to listen to the messages that come from nowhere, like flashes of insightful lightning. It’s your soul speaking to you. Your intuition is moving you towards what you need. Experience has proven that when I listen to my guiding spirit, I receive wonders. New job opportunities, new friends and experiences, increased health and vitality, winning lotto tickets, some feel good, etc. (wink, wink)

I am all about self-improvement but it shouldn’t be a full time job. Life should be intuitive, naturally flowing, brimming with passion, possibilities and fun. I admit, it can be hard to put your roles on pause, to choose to not pick up another weekend work project, hire a babysitter that will survive your kids (vice versa is a given, c’mon!), to let the house go to hell for two days, to trust that your nosey neighbors WILL call you if there is a huge party while you are gone and that the dog won’t miss you so much that she peevishly pees on your bed (this time).

Turn off the cultural and societal expectations and roles that demand you to be an excellent employee, parent, partner, cook, housecleaner, social activist, sibling, daughter, neighbor, etc…. release your responsibilities for a few days, loosen up….. “It’s good for you!” Having fun and adult play time adds necessary joy to life, relieving stress and helping to ground you while connecting you to others and the world around you.

If you don’t believe me check out this list:

  • relieves stress by releasing endorphins
  • improves brain function
  • stimulates adaptation and problem solving skills
  • builds empathy, compassion, trust and intimacy, improving relationships
  • boosts vitality, energy and your immune system
  • increases resilience, optimism and positivity during adversity

How did you like that fancy ass list that essentially says: go have fun because it makes you happy and when you are happy and having fun, your are more engaged in your surroundings, make new friends, deepen existing relationships, and tend to look on the positive side of things. Bonus…..all that fun makes you physiologically feel better!

So you’re sold on fun but need some pointers? – I got you….

I may not look like a work-aholic, fudddy-duddy that has to purposely make time to relax and enjoy life, but I fear I might be… if you need pointers on manifesting some “effing” fun, I might be a pro, so here is my two cents:

Pinpoint why you haven’t been having fun:

  • Kids?
  • Stuck in your roles?
  •  You feel self-conscious?
  •  You hate planning, thus never do anything?
  •  Whatever “it” is, get over it and let loose already.

You can have lots of fun on your own, but life is better in good company:

  • Plan to fun it up with another person
  • If you don’t have an extra, you could choose a group activity that makes it easy to meet and mingle.

Start brainstorming; determine what you can afford:

  • A day trip?
  • A weekend?
  • A week or longer?
  • In town, nearby, out of state, out of country?

What do you enjoy?

  • A beach, 5 star restaurants, flea market shopping?
  • Photography, painting?
  • Nature, hiking, biking?
  • Motorcycle riding?

What have you always wanted to do, or where have you wanted to go but never have?

  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Helicopter ride
  • Racing a car on a racetrack
  • Vegas, NY, a national park, another country?

Any events or new experiences that you have always wanted to do but never made the time? Write down the fantastic and the mundane:

  • A casino
  • A professional sports game
  • A cruise
  • Cave diving
  • Parachuting
  • Comic con

By now, you should have pinpointed some fun and viable options. What did you decide to do? So what are you waiting for? Go have fun already! Its doctors’ orders from the universe.

Love, Maria handwritten signature

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