Meet Maria

Self PortraitHi!

Thanks for checking out my blog. I’m excited that you decided to roll through. I am not one of those bloggers that decided to do it on a whim. My baby blog was only born after intense thought, soul searching and self-assessment.

In this world of experts, I wondered who would want to hear from me? What do I have to offer? Who am I in this vast world of people that have more than I? More expertise. More personality. More money. More mastery. More anything.

Have you been there before and asked yourself,

“Who am I to dare greatly, to be more, to follow my inclinations and dreams and to allow the full beam of my soul’s headlights to shine?”

I know that I am supposed to offer you unique insight to promise you untold riches so that you subscribe to my site. C’mon. My blog is still a baby, I’m not there yet. (But I will be……so you should totally register for updates.) In the meantime, we are on a journey and I am asking that you take my hand and walk with me in the sun and shadows for a while.

Here are some things that you can look forward to from me:

My interests are wide and deep because I have a natural curiosity and appreciation for all things. This blog is a natural outgrowth of my creative outlet so that I can share what I think, learn and create. I will share my photography, artwork and unique viewpoint. You will more than likely see posts on subjects like inner growth and personal perspective, inspiration, decorating, crafts, blogging, and maybe recipes (mostly because I am a terrible cook, so when I do a good job, I want to brag about it.) 🙂

Here are some things that I look forward to:

  • I look forward to sharing myself with you.
  • I hope to inspire you with my art and prose.
  • I hope that the stories of myself spark your soul and challenge you to think and become a better person.
  • I hope that you find my humor as funny as I do. 🙂
  • Maybe if I am lucky and dedicated, this blogging thing may become a fulltime gig.

A bit about me:

At heart I have always been a creator. I love to draw and paint, write, make my home and garden more beautiful, take photographs and basically identify ideas and weave them into reality. I love to learn new skills and consciously create myself because I believe that we are all living pieces of art. As with all art, the hope is to inspire, to challenge, and to impart new perspective.

My mom majored in fine art so it was only natural that some of my earliest memories were of drawing. I knew that I wanted to be an artist before I ever went to kindergarten. I still remember drawing inside the covers of my “I Can Read” books and I continued my obsessive relationship with art well into my teens.

This was a time before the explosion of web design and internet art…..artists were a struggling breed. So my mom believed in her heart that she was doing me a service in cautioning me away from a future in art. My impressionable teenage mind heeded her advice and I steered myself towards an education that would serve me better in a business world.

As much as I treasure the skills that I developed in a traditional business world, art is a dream that refuses to let me go. It gnaws at the edges of my consciousness, images burn the inside of my eyes as I sleep, and I daydream about a day in the future in which I can live a life around creating.

It is time to step into this appetite for creating because I have found that no matter how busy I get with family, work, volunteer or student life….the creator in me must have an outlet. This website has been made as a way to share who I am, what I think, and what I create with the world.  I hope that you enjoy what you see, I have great fun and satisfaction in the making of it.


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Hello, World!

I’m new and I don’t have much content right now, but I will! Exclusive content for subscribers only, so don’t forget to sign up.

3 thoughts on “Meet Maria

  1. Hello Maria!
    I see a creator in You.
    I also observe that you are an Ambitious person.
    I just browsed your blog and saw your promising content.
    Your name of the Blog is very good and I am impressed about it.
    Please do not have so many blogs just one is enough to show all your talent.
    I wish You all the very Best.
    Today is International Women’s Day and I wish you bring more and contribute more to this World.
    Fond Regards,


    1. Thank you so much for your kind and generous words. I appreciate the time that you took to connect with and inspire me. I have just begun my blogging journey, but I invite you to please visit again. Peace and blessings.

      Liked by 1 person

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