In My World

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Digging through some of my old poetry…….enjoy.

In My World

I live in a land stripped of God’s inspiration and glory

Stone, metal and man orate their own story

In my world, my senses are all polluted

The rich wine of spirit, heart and mind diluted

Does HE cry for our lost land?

Or is this part of His Grand Plan?

Violence birthed

by spirits full of anger and hurt

An inner eye sometimes blinks open

Momentous truths, keep me hoping

For a world so much more

than what is presently held in store

Concrete erodes our grasslands, mountains and hills

Our seas destroyed by oil spills

Next is the invasion of space

When will we ever learn?

Knowledge comes not by trek but by return

Return to ourselves and our Creator

Meditate, worship and do for our Maker

Learn only in the knowledge that we already knew

Strive for greatness attained by few.

(c) Maria Palmeri

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  1. Words of wisdom, Maria. We fail to learn the truths you have revealed because those who shape and guard the narratives of human life believe that they are gods, answerable to no one but themselves.

    Remain steady on your chosen path <3

  2. Manifesting Maria says:

    If only we could find the balance of exploring and advancing without the costs to our world, people and species..the toll that is taken when the only bottom line prioritized is money…is monstrous and frankly shameful. Your right…but they are answerable to the impact on their wallets. That’s why I highly support informed and conscientious consumerism. ❤️

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