Manifesting everyday wisdom: The Laughing Orchid

Photograph by MVPalmeri: Laughing Orchid

by MVPalmeri @ ManifestingMaria

Everyday wisdom is a gift that can come to us from the most simple of moments.

I was on my own, taking pics at a local hothouse when I was struck by some “everyday wisdom”.

I was scanning for a good composition, then I turned and the face of this orchid jumped out at me. It made me peal with laughter! I was so delighted to find this lil’ guy smiling at me. Magic is all around, you just have to see it.

“The earth laughs in flowers.”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be open to life. Be playful, be creative. You’ll be surprised where you find life and laughter. 

Be blessed.

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  1. So true, Maria. Magic is all around us.
    May you, too, be blessed <3

    • Manifesting Maria says:

      Thanks, so much for being a part of my community and providing such thoughtful and supportive comments, Rosaliene. You really help me enjoy my blogging experience. 🤗

  2. I so love this. Miracles happens all around us

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