Manifesting Forgiveness

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Every year spring bursts upon the scene with a song of life, renewal and resurrection. When the earth awakens beneath a cold blanket of snow, doesn’t  your heart yearn to do the same? Like the passing of the years, our hearts go through seasons as well. Like the bud of a spring flower, your heart would like to blossom and speak of beauty, life and love.

In order to do so, the frozen surface of our hearts must be softened with forgiveness and the rocks of resentment removed.

One of my first boyfriends turned out to be a physical abuser. He grew up abused, neglected and starved for love. I thought that if I just loved him enough, I could fix that broken child and heal the man. A day came that I realized that I had given all that I had and it would never be enough. The only thing left was my life and it was time to go.

Love turned to hate. The thing about hate is that you carry it with you. It makes you hard and suspicious. It makes you unable to trust and consequently, untrustworthy. One day, I realized that while his hands no longer made my skin rainbow colors, he was still controlling me because every mans face was his face. Every attempt to get to know me was met with suspicion and distrust. I realized that I had to forgive him for me, so that I could really be free and finally move on with my life.

Do you feel a burden inside weighing you down? Are you estranged from a friend, lover or family member? Do you yearn to reconcile but you haven’t taken the first step towards reunification? Does hatred eclipse the good that lives in your heart? Is it time to forgive…not for their benefit, but for your own?

Often we live in circumstances of our own creation. If you consciously choose to, you can create harmony from the negativity.

Injuries held close to heart can create cavities that a rot away at the pureness and peace of your spirit. To be whole, you must heal yourself of what tears at your essence. To do so, you must face your issues and address them.

We are gifted with the powerful tool of the tongue. With it we have the power to harm or to heal. To foster relations or distance. The lack of meaningful communication lies at the heart of many mis-understandings.

“I know you think you understand what you thought I said but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

-Alan Greenspan

Open communication will help clear the air or at least your conscience. Try to talk it out. If you can’t speak with them, talk with a therapist or trusted friend. Consider a letter, prayer, meditation or even a journal entry. Be honest about your thoughts, feelings and your hoped for outcome. Clearing the air or your heart can be hard and requires courage and honesty.

You might find that the hurts of old that fester inside may be burdens on your conscience and soul that are unnecessary weights. Lighten your load. Release the chains on your heart. Identify what holds you down and let your spirit be free. You deserve everything good and golden. Blessed be.

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  1. Forgiving my ex-husband, who had abandoned me and our two sons in Brazil, freed me from the corrosion of hate and anger. Amidst the daily struggles, I could enjoy inner peace and move forward with my life.

  2. Manifesting Maria says:

    Peace and blessings, Rosaliene. It’s a hard thing, sometimes we do not realize that our emotions keep us chained and that we have the key to freedom. I am glad that you found your freedom. Hugs, light and love.

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