Manifesting Me: Poshmark 2.0

Photo by Lea Øchel on Unsplash

This post is for my fellow Poshers. I’m sharing my Poshmark journey and future hopes. I wanna hear about yours too!

Welcome to my update from my first Manifesting Me: with Poshmark post.

Near the end of 2017, I decided to follow through on ideas I had of one day having an art studio/boutique & resale store. I realized that I could pursue those endeavors online and 2019 marks the beginning of my second full year of being an online reseller.

I initially started my seller journey with the idea of just selling some clothes and making some extra money to fund my art and blogging hobbies or maybe go on vacation. However, I’m a goal oriented person and soon assigned myself the following goals to reach for the beginning of 2019:

  • Achieve ambassador status
  • Start a Posh boutique

I did it! I’m happy to say that I’ve made more than over 4 times my investment costs, currently have over 20k followers and growing, and have created a sustainable daily method to keep sales consistent.

The fun part is recognizing how not only have I achieved my goals, but in setting new ones!

I will of course be continuing to:

  • add listings to my closet
  • invest in Boutique items for growth
  • look for better methods to increase sales and grow followers

I also found that other Poshers appreciate my Poshmark Etsy platform, which I have plans to grow. I also hope and plan to be able to scale upward in the next 5 years to use this as a foundation to fund my dream: a brick and mortar art studio/boutique/thrift store and multi-use community space. I’m really excited to read about Posh bosses that are doing their thing! It lets me know that my plans can be achieved too!

It’s about more than money…

In my reselling adventures, I’ve also gained the satisfaction of helping our ecosystem by not just resale, but by the repurposing of items. There will always be clothing that won’t sell but the fabric is perfectly fine. It pained me to think of this going into landfills, so I have been using my artsy platform to remake these items into one of a kind:

  • reusable fabric art
  • home decor items
  • repurposed clothing designs
  • quilts and blankets
  • donations to local shelters (blankets, scarves, etc.)

I’m really enjoying this journey and creative outlet to add to my streams of financial abundance. What about you? What are you most excited about achieving or planning to achieve? I’d love to hear your story.

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  1. Kurian says:

    Wonderful Maria.
    I will follow you ardently
    And want follow on Instagram and fb
    My Instagram id is kjacob125

  2. Keep following your dreams!!

  3. Well done!!! I am so happy to hear of your success, and eco-friendly passion!! Keep going!!

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