The Escalation

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The Escalation

If a cold criticism can be contained for a minute,

Compassion can live for an hour.

If a lie can be withheld for an hour,

Honest men can be made for a day.

If rage can be reigned in for a day,

Reconciliation can reside for a week.

To restrain for a week,

is to know that a month is attainable.

A monster chained for a month,

can be tamed for a year.

A year free self-sabotage,

can become a life manifested.

(c) Maria Palmeri

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  1. Such wisdom from a young mind!
    In these dark and chaotic times, we desperately need such restraint – one step at a time.

    • Manifesting Maria says:

      πŸ™πŸ˜˜ Thanks. I appreciate your reading and commenting. It’s funny, young is relative. But interesting enough, this poem is from when I was around 20. I’ve been reading my writings from 20 years ago and I’m kinda impressed by that girl. ❀️

  2. Reblogging this to my sister site Success Inspirers World

  3. Soumya Somani says:

    Your words are really powerful!! Keep writing!πŸ™‚

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