The Great Rift

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Digging through some of my old poetry…….enjoy.

The Great Rift

“I knew that I would love you since the moment that I saw you.
I didn’t know your name but I knew that I had to know you.
I didn’t know every experience that shaped you but I knew your essence like I know the essence of myself.

I want to sense every part of you that differs from every part of myself.
I want to inch through your mind, tasting your flavors, rolling in the sheets of your energy and I think…that if we touch, we would truly find ourselves.

Our eyes met and our fingers brushed in passing. That moment sowed a seed in me that grew a tree in my dreams. My psychic roots reach for you, dream wings spread, wanting to fly home to you…to look into a soul that I know is the other half of me.

and yet… are so far from me.”


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  1. Robert says:

    AWESOME!!! You are a very talented writer. You speak from way down in the soul.

  2. Wonderful words

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