Trust Your Soul to Know the Way


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As a Creator of Self, too often we look for a mystical sign to point us to our destiny or we look for the new novel idea that will get us to where we want to be fast…..but we overlook the truth. It sounds too simple. Too straightforward. Too sane.

  • No one can give us the answer as to why we are here BUT the good news is that the answer is inside of us.
  • There is no short cut BUT finding your answers are possible if you are willing to be honest with yourself.

In this world of specialized experts with master’s degrees, doctorates and PhDs, where money “makes the man” and your bank account becomes synonymous with your worth, it can be easy for the common man to hear that “we do not know best”. We are told that we should consult a professional and oftentimes we come to dismiss our own aptitude and intuition in the simplest of situations.

It can become easy to believe in the world around us rather than in our own abilities. I would encourage us all to be open to another’s advice, expertise, stories, and educate yourself but know that only you can see the balance in your heart as you weigh it to be right or wrong for your life and your circumstances.

“We all have a better guide inside than any other person can be.”– Jane Austen

Scientists talk about the unchartered frontiers of space and sea but I believe the true unchartered territory for too many of us is self. Our world has become so loud that we are bombarded with messages that we do not even seek! These messages are aggressively and insidiously foisted upon us. Our parents and grandparents only had to sift through the voices of family, church, and peers until they could find their own voice.

The newer generations are constantly bombarded from waking to sleeping with messages from the TV, internet, and social media, all telling us how to be, how to look, how we should talk, think and behave and it takes great fortitude of character and inner assessment to break through the noise to find the silent chamber within where you can converse with your spirit.

“Self-trust is the essence of heroism.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

When you are looking to create a life on your terms, you are the expert. Do not give your power away by doubting yourself or drowning out the voice of your inner knowing. If you can accept your inner wisdom without feelings of inadequacy, without empowering the negative judgment of others or self, you will master your life.

  • Find your quiet place
  • Ask your soul the burning question
  • What does your inner voice say?
  • What would you have to do to make the path that your soul calls you to a reality?
  • Be courageous
  • Set your goals and work, work, work….and be patient. What you work towards will be yours.

It truly is that simple. Go get ‘em tiger.

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  1. Ajay Vyas says:

    Amazing beautifully written

  2. Thank you. Welcome. 🙏

  3. K E Garland says:

    I totally agree. Thanks for those two quotes too.

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