Weave Your Future Golden

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Regardless as to if you would  call yourself an artist or not, our lives are our ultimate masterpiece. Our experiences, attitude, mental and emotional frequencies all color the tapestry of our lives. The question is,

“Does life happen to you or do you create it?”

Every thought, word and action is an outer manifestation of our inner world. Thus we must be mindful of the creations that we bring into the world. Is what we bring forth something that truly reflects us? Can we be proud of it? Do we build and add value to the world around us or do we tear down and destroy?

Imagine your life as a tapestry. See in your mind’s eye, a loom woven with the fluffy pastels that might symbolize the feelings and experiences of being a baby. That softness gives way to the smooth, energetic vibrant colors of childhood, later spotted with the ragged angst of adolescence. Here and there, the tapestry would be speckled with coarseness of thought, the dark hues of tragedy, loss or betrayal and hopefully changing into silky, light colors of freedom, balance and joy.

If you could see the “right now”, the blurred, unfocused motion of a life in action….what might it look like? Once you have imagined it…..ask yourself…..

“Why aren’t I weaving my future golden?”

A golden life would be woven with the threads of peace, prosperity, and bliss. You’ll have to be open to accepting your opportunities, lessons, and the circumstances that empower your soul to live its divine destiny so that you can manifest the dreams that you have only visualized in the secret recesses of your heart.

A golden life is different for each of us because we assign importance differently. A golden life is not just financial. Like diamonds, we are multi-faceted beings and to be able to shine our brightest, we must nurture all of our dimensions. To be golden is to be healthy and balanced in the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realm.

One might admire that rich man with the house on the hill, yet he yearns for someone to love and share his home with. A family man with little means wishes for fortune. You might admire a beautiful woman not knowing that she cries inside for the cure to cancer. A seemingly popular, attractive person that looks to have it all might struggle to fill the God shaped hole in his heart.

Our fate is not assigned to us. We choose it.

No matter your good fortune or lack thereof, your golden life does not just happen. It is something that you choose every day. It is worked towards and once attained, it is maintained.

Are you ready to start actively creating your life? Are you just starting your journey or are you already golden? Let’s journey together.

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  1. Inspiring post

  2. Manifesting Maria says:

    Thanks. 🤗

  3. Payal says:

    Appreciate this inspiration and motivation! 🙂

  4. Brittany says:

    Beautiful words! I learned the hard way that as scary as it is to take charge of the path you walk, if you don’t you’ll never be happy because someone else will be dictating your course.

    • Manifesting Maria says:

      Thanks and yes! I find also I’d never be happy because …what if? What if I could be happy and successful doing what I love? What I feel that I was born to do? What if …..I walked down this other path instead?❤️

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